Question : Safety

Are Metal Switch cover plates by “Platinum Electrical Accessories” Electric Shock proof?

Answer :

Metal switch cover plates have an electric shock proof plastic plate on its backside which makes it electric shockproof. Its totally safe.

Question : Quality

I want to install electrical wiring devices at my home and I really liked brass die-cast metal switch cover plates by PLATINUM ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES. I want to ask how is the quality of their accessories compared to other famous brands like Clipsal, Legrand.

Answer :

Platinum electrical accessories are British Standard and CE certified like Clipsal and Legrand. The working and quality of the switches and sockets are same like these famous brands but we will say that platinum is better than them in a way because we use bakelite plastic material for switch and socket bodies which is heat proof and fire proof and do not melt at high temperature which makes them last even longer than other famous brands.

Question: Life

I installed Chinese switches at my home 5 years ago and most of them have are burnt or have stopped working. I want to replace my switch fitting with Platinum Electrical Accessories, can someone tell me what is the life of these switches?


Platinum electrical accessories are engineered to last a lifetime. Our switches and sockets are made of bakelite plastic which is a heat proof and fire proof material. Besides that, we use special metal contact point which is long life. And because of the designing and materials we use, our switches passes 40,000 on/off cycles test at a full load of 12A (3000W) 

Question:  Fitting on China Electrical box

Can I replace my existing China fitting switch boards/ plates with Platinum Electrical accessories switches?


Yes, Platinum Electrical accessories can be installed on Chinese type wall boxes or any other type of wall box with the help of a base plate.

Question: Is there any guarantee and after sale support on switch sheets and sockets by Platinum Electrical Accessories?


Platinum is a renound brand and is a subsidiary of Pak Precise Engineering (pvt.) Ltd which has been in business from past 50 years and are manufacturing gas service regulators and valves for suigas companies (SNGPL & SSGC) in Pakistan, besides that we are the sole manufacturers of aluminium alloy wheels and hydraulic door closers in Pakistan.Our electrical accessories are British standard and 40,000 cycles tested at 12A (3000W) and has a lifetime guarantee for their working and any manufacturers fault, which is claimable at our brand outlets in Lahore, Pakistan.