Brass Series

Die-Cast brass polished plates gives your place a rich & sophisticated look. For glamorous lives & stylish places.

Main Features

  • British Standard, CE certified 12A & 16A durable electrical accessories.
  • 40,000 cycles tested at full load of 12A (3000W) & 16A (5000W (for 3-pin switched socket outlet)) i.e equivalent to a load of 2 Air Conditioners (1.5 tons each) including 18 other rigorous tests according to British Standard BS 60669.
  • Corrosion & rust resistant, weather proof, scratch proof.
  • Screw-less plates for a beautiful face (because screws on front of plate gets rusty after some time).
  • Replace-able clip-on plates.
  • Fire-proof, heat-proof, impact-proof & scratch-proof materials.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Brass Series Finishes

Brass Plate 01

Polished brass with white accessories

Brass Plate 01

Polished brass with black accessories

diamond brass polished (2)

Diamond(*) studded polished brass with option of all accessories (1 to 5 gang plates).

Damond Brass Polished (2

Diamond(*) studded polished brass with black option of all accessories (1 to 5 gang plates).

Brass Series Functionalities

Brass Plate 01

Available in 1 to 5 gang with all accessories.

Brass Plate 03

Polished brass with 12A 3-pin universal switched socket outlet.

Brass Plate 02

Polished brass with 16A 3-pin round switched socket outlet.



12A & 16A 250V Single Pole Switch


12A 2-Pin Socket Outlet


250W Fan Dimmer


TV Socket


Telephone Socket


Door Bell


12A 3-Pin Universal Socket Outlet


16A 3-Pin Round Socket Outlet


Electric Shock-Proof Back Plate


Wall Connecting Box With Cover

(Must be purchased during construction before wall plaster)